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BiPAP Synchrony

Product Code: 1029756
Catalog Number: 1029756

BiPAP Synchrony is designed to improve patients' life

  • Digital Auto-TRAK™ Sensitivity continually monitors and adjusts to the patients' breathing pattern, and along with RiseTime allows for greater patient comfort
  • The AVAPS™ feature guarantees an average tidal volume for increased safety and efficiency
  • Vent Ramp allows patients to adapt to their settings by slowly increasing inspiratory pressure level to meet the prescribed IPAP level within an adjustable time period
  • A wide range of ventilation modes, from spontaneous to totally controlled modes, offers flexibility in treatment and adaptation to disease progression
  • Alarms can be turned on to indicate patient disconnection, low minute ventilation, low tidal volume (with AVAPS), low battery and apnoea
  • Monitoring of Data, such as Tidal Volume, Leak, Respiratory Rate, Pressure and Minute Ventilation, provides patients and caregivers with the knowledge of proper treatment and ventilator set-up.
  • Available with an integrated humidifier to avoid dryness and improve therapy tolerance
  • Compact, lightweight design weighing only 1,8 kilos, allows the unit to be easily carried. The unit is DC-compatible and can be easily connected the Respironics external battery (Battery Pack, 7 hrs autonomy at EPAP/IPAP of 4/20cmH2O and 12 bmp)

BiPAP Synchrony is designed to bring an adequate treatment to each individualized patient's case

With different ventilation modes and a wide pressure range (from 4 to 30 cm H2O), the BiPAP Synchrony is flexible and can adapt to the dependency degree of the patient to his ventilation . In addition, AVAPS™ guarantees minimum ventilation to adapt to disease progression and patient's needs.

The BiPAP Synchrony is compatible with home follow up tools to monitor patients' efficiency ventilation and identify when any adjustments are necessary for effective treatment and prevention of acute episodes:

  • Encore® SmartCard stores data gathered over the previous 6 months and with Encore Pro software reports can be generated showing patient's compliance data, long term trends and eight day detailed trends on pressure, patient tidal volume, respiratory rate, percentage of triggered breaths, minute ventilation, leaks, peak flow and alarms.

  • Stardust® II polygraph, linked to the BiPAP Synchrony, provides detailed information on patients' ventilation on a breath-to-breath basis, recording patient's respiratory effort, body position, oxygen saturation, pulse rate, and plotting signals issued by the Synchrony relating to the patient's flow, tidal volume, leaks and pressure.