About us

Thimar Aljazirah Co. (TAC) is one of the leading healthcare distributors in the Pharamceutical, Medical and Dental industries within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. TAC represents well-known international companies to offer the healthcare providers with state-of-the-art solutions and technologies coupled with high quality services.

Over the past three decades, precisely since its establishment in 1980,TAC has grown to be one of the leading Saudi companies through its global partners who are worldwide market leaders in their segments. The global partners predominantly emerged from North American and European countries with footprints across the globe.

Our commitment to be a leading and preferred healthcare distributor in the market through value-centered business practices, our strategically-selected global partners, and care- oriented approach towards our clients can significantly impact the bigger picture of healthcare in the region.

Thimar Aljazirah Co. has special areas of focus within the healthcare market including Dental, Cardiac, Respiratory,Healthcare Supplies and Clinical Solutions, Pharmaceuticals, Laboratory and Nutrition.

The company’s sustainable growth is substantiated by a committed management team,a dedicated and savvy salesforce, a qualified and well-trained services team, and healthy and diversified portfolio of products supported by solid regulatory affairs unit, services and quality management practice, an efficient and agile supply chain,and an integrated ICT infrastructure.

TAC has been always keen on building and sustaining successful relationships with all stakeholders by maintaining transparency and trust, listening to the customers in an attempt to meet and exceed their expectations,developing employees and creating a healthy, rewarding environment,and committing to the community as an imperative responsibility.

Headquartered in Riyadh - Central Region, TAC operates across the kingdom with a branch in Jeddah to cover the Western and Southern Regions in additionto a branch in Dammam to take care of Eastern and Northern Regions in addition to the four current showrooms. TAC expansion plans for 2016 includes better outreach to other areas.