Our Vision & Values
Global Standards meet Local Sensitivity
We offer the top of the line brands by establishing strategic alliances with only the best global brand providers. As a Saudi grown company we pride ourselves in understanding the local healthcare community which gives us the edge in ensuring that our service delivery is able to keep up with the needs of the market.

Kingdom wide Coverage; Customer-Centered Service
As part of our promise to promise to provide optimal service delivery, Thimar is continuously expanding its distribution networks. We simultaneously ensure that our expansion initiatives maintain our commitment to providing custom-made solutions that fit our clientele’s needs specifically.

Progressive Efficiency; Assured Quality
Thimar knows the integral part it plays in state of the art technologies and solutions that facilitates our client’s run their operations smoothly and deliver high quality patient care. As such, we strive to develop and innovate our processes and systems to guarantee that efficiency expectations are exceeded while the quality of our distributed products is assured.
What drives the Thimar Momentum?
Our commitment to be a leading and preferred Healthcare supplies distribute in the market through value-centered business practices, our strategically-selected global partners, and care-oriented approach towards our clients can significantly impact the bigger picture of healthcare in the region. Our distinguished growth in recent years is just the beginning.